3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on YouTube

With an estimated 1.3 billion users as of 2018, you’ve likely heard of YouTube, the video platform that launched stars like Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes and captured our hearts with countless videos of cats, laughing babies, and the occasional sneezing panda.

When Google bought YouTube on November 13, 2006, it solidified not only its reputation as the go-to search engine, but also solidified YouTube’s reputation as the go-to internet video platform. From a marketing standpoint, this made YouTube an invaluable tool for businesses and their products.


1. Viral Marketing

In 2010, Old Spice launched a viral campaign on YouTube using the “Old Spice Guy” to respond to comments around the internet about the company and their products. With a massive 185-video count, many of which amassed millions of views a piece, the campaign was a huge success.

A case study by Old Spice and Wieden + Kennedy shows that the campaign boosted Old Spice’s Twitter following by 2700%, their Facebook fan interaction went up by 800%, and traffic to the OldSpice.com website skyrocketed by 300%. So not only did the campaign bring awareness to the brand, but it also lead to a huge bump in their online presence and web traffic.

2. Advertising Space

In December of 2007, YouTube introduced an in-video advertising model, which was outside of the traditional display of ads on websites at the time. Fast-forward to 2019; YouTube now offers YouTube Advertising, a service in which small businesses and massive corporations alike can pay for their promotional video to be shown during a break in YouTube videos that are monetized.

51% of marketers said they ran YouTube ads for their clients in 2017 and that number has only grown. YouTube has its own repertoire of  success stories that highlight just how useful ads within the platform are.

3. Community and Analytics

Community and customer interaction are an incredibly important part of any business model. YouTube is a great place to foster engagement because of their commenting and ‘liking’ systems. If comments are enabled in a video, it allows the uploader to directly respond to comments on their videos, and see how many people ‘liked’ or ‘disliked’ a certain video.

Furthermore, this can prove very valuable when a business or corporation wants to look at analytics. Rather than run a survey, all they have to do is view video analytics within the YouTube Analytics portion of the website, and they can instantly see watch time statistics, views, subscriber numbers, top performing videos and more.

YouTube channels are easy to start and don’t require high-tech videos to be successful. People will forgive you for using computer or iPhone quality video as long as you are serving them content worth consuming. Just take the leap!

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