Generate More Leads Through Facebook!

With more real estate transactions taking place on the internet, it is paramount that agents learn how to use Facebook to generate leads. There are many ways to optimize your business’ Facebook page for lead generation. However, there are three main structural components a business must have in place if they hope to achieve success through Facebook. This includes optimizing your business page, creating a compelling content campaign, and using Facebook’s advertising features to develop a targeted ad campaign. By effectively implementing all three facets into your Facebook presence, you can access an overwhelming number of solid leads.

Professional Presence

The first thing you should do is to make sure your Facebook business page is working as hard as you are. Since real estate companies are inherently local businesses, it’s important to categorize your page as such. Additionally, make sure your page information is clear and concise, prioritizing your location and contact information. Be sure to include a cover photo and logo. You should use a professional headshot if you are creating an individual agent page. Make sure you have appropriate “call to action” buttons such as “learn more” or “contact us”. These prompts allow potential customers to easily navigate your page to find additional information. These buttons can link to other sections of your Facebook page or your website. This will provide avenues to collect useful data on audience engagement that can be implemented into your targeted advertising campaigns.

All else aside, it’s extremely important that your page looks and functions professionally. Your Facebook page will be your first interactions with your customers and it’s important to make a good impression. Anything less, and potential consumers will be turned away from your site.  If you are struggling to allocate time to build your page yourself, don’t hesitate to outsource. Having a strong Facebook page is well worth the investment.

Content is King

After you’ve created a formal business page, be sure to establish a proper content marketing strategy. While recommended numbers vary, be sure to post to Facebook at least 5-10 times a week. To hold engagement, it’s important to be sporting a variety of posts. This can include relevant news posts, holiday posts, company updates, and posts that promote your business. Don’t just post seemingly random photos. Make sure your content is pertinent to your business and provides helpful links to your website and mailing list.

Over time, your page will start getting engagement and there will be opportunities to interact with customers. Be sure provide helpful answers and valuable responses. Not every interaction is meant to be a sales pitch. Positive interactions with your consumers online generates goodwill, heightening your consumers’ willingness to choose your business. With strong content marketing, your activity on Facebook can be used to bring in valuable leads for your company.

Spend Money to Make Money

While it is possible for businesses to have great success through a strong content campaign alone, to consistently acquire leads it is best to pair it with a paid advertising campaign. Not only is doing so extremely rewarding but it is easy to do. Facebook allows you to directly target your ads to your ideal customers, giving you results that deliver leads. Based on the needs of your company, at any given time you can produce ads targeted to home buyers, sellers, and investors, all at varying intensities. You can even target specific platforms people are interested in, such as or Zillow. Facebook allows users to customize how ads are delivered, such as focusing on reach and engagement or conversions in various forms.

Perhaps your initial campaign is focused on extending your page’s reach and generating organic engagement. After establishing a presence in the market, you can transition your ads to be focused on driving conversions in the form scheduling an appointment. Not only can you use the ads to drive conversions, but you can also use the insights to create remarketing campaigns to entice previously hesitant consumers to seek out your services. Successful entrepreneurs understand that to make money you must spend money and the same goes for real estate Facebook advertisements.

The internet is an ever-growing frontier in the world of real estate.

Optimizing a real estate company’s social media is crucial to generating online leads. A presence on Facebook is a must-have for the modern-day real estate business. By optimizing your professional Facebook page, implementing engaging content marketing campaigns, and running targeted Facebook ads, realtors can access an abundance of leads on the internet. Through these practices’ realtors can spend less time tending to cold leads and focus more on acquiring hot leads that are ready for conversion. Download our popular Facebook Best Practices ebook here. 

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