Improve Lead Conversion For Your Real Estate Prospects

The real estate industry is continually accommodating the growing number of online shoppers. This means that the importance of developing those leads into conversions has increased in tandem. While the conversion process can be difficult, the value of closing solid leads far outweighs the challenge of acquiring them. Thankfully, Modern Lead Funnels has been educating real estate agents on the best business practices they should be incorporating if they want to generate more leads into conversions. Real Estate Lead Generation doesn’t have to be a mystery.

Time is of the Essence

Realtors should always have a mindset of, “My leads are communicating with my competition. If I don’t convert them, someone else will.” Since agents are 80% more likely to make contact if they reach out immediately, realtors need to respond to leads as soon as possible. Of course, not every lead will be secured right away. Therefore, realtors must be sure to follow up over the next several days. This can be through, text, email, and especially by phone. The value of a person-to-person conversation will not go unnoticed by your leads. The rapport you will develop is crucial to converting them. Persistence on a hesitant lead is exactly what is needed to secure it. Letting a lead cool off too much is a surefire way to lose it. So, be sure to act quickly and don’t hesitate!

Their Real Estate Resource

We all know it’s important for realtors to stay in contact with their lead. It’s just as equally important that they don’t become a nuisance. When following up on a lead, realtors must be informative. This means knowing the lead’s needs and what they are looking for in a property. Be an educator. Don’t inconvenience leads with information that doesn’t pertain to their goals. Show them properties in areas that match their interests. Provide industry tips, local news, plug your blog where additional information can be found at their leisure. If you foresee issues, make your leads aware of them ahead of time. This will show your leads that you understand their needs and are an expert in the industry. By being their one resource for everything real estate, your leads will be more willing to let you assist them on their home buying journey.

Those Who Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

Making sure you go into communications with a game plan is critical to your success. Have questions prepared for your leads and be prepared to answer their questions. Have your sales pitch memorizes so that you are more comfortable and confident. Greater confidence in your delivery will translate positively in your communication, making your leads more confident in you. Additionally, make sure you have time allotted for calls. You won’t know if your call will be 5 minutes or 30. It’s important that you carve out enough time in your schedule for the lengthiest potential conversation. Subsequently, be sure to make the most of your communication by not only conveying the quality of your listings but also your quality as an agent. Making sure your leads understand your value as an agent, in tandem with the value of your properties, will make them more likely to choose you over the competition.

Organization Sensation

Out of all these tips, the best way to convert leads is to be organized. The best way to easily improve your organization is with customer relationship management (CRM) software and email automation. By using a CRM you can categorize your leads into different tiers. For example, Hot Leads that are closer to the end of your marketing funnel, and Cool Leads that need more attention to improve their conversion potential. Once you have your leads organized, you can use email automation to handle the cool leads that don’t need as much personal curation and can focus on finessing your higher priority leads.

Outside of software and email automation, having a strong network or team of brokers can also be beneficial to your success. Allowing your team to assist you in acquiring leads and tend to those cool leads, leaves you free to manage the hot leads that are ready to close. Without proper organization, realtors can easily become overwhelmed, distributing their focus to leads that are not in need of it and neglecting leads that are ready to convert. Consider upgrading your software or network if your business lacks the necessary organization.

The Online Market for Real Estate Lead Generation Has More Potential Than Ever Before.

Now is the time for realtors to stand to benefit exponentially by using Real Estate Lead Solutions to turn leads into conversions. While converting leads can already prove to be a difficult art to master, Modern Lead Funnels hopes to assist agents by arming them with the knowledge & tools they need to increase their conversions.

Actions such as being quick to respond, being well educated in the real estate industry, being prepared to communicate that information effectively, and staying organized by teamwork or software, realtors can nurture more leads into solid conversions. If you’re trying to improve your lead conversion, consider implementing any of these tips into your business, and be sure to let us know of the results.

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