Marketing Yourself as the Trusted Advisor

If you want to be a successful real estate agent, it’s important to be hungry, driven, and in a position to locate valuable leads that convert. However, there is also another piece to the puzzle. The most prosperous agents receive leads who seek them out and are ready to convert.

These agents are known as Trusted Advisors.

“Trusted Advisor” is a valuable title in the real estate industry. With the proper marketing, you can attract leads seeking out your business.


Be a Trusted Advisor

The first step to marketing yourself as a trusted advisor is becoming one. You can’t just sell yourself as a trusted advisor, without bringing the associated value. With online reviews and the speed of word of mouth, a poor reputation garnered by illegitimacy will bury your business. Your company must be focused on putting the customer’s needs first. You can’t simply view the customer as a means to an end. There are no shortcuts to building rapport. Get to know your prospects and ask them questions about their related goals and concerns. This will allow you to provide them with helpful feedback and advice. By resolving their pains and hesitancies with their best interest in mind, you can earn their trust. It’s called, “Trusted” advisor for a reason.

Diversify Your Marketing

After you’ve earned the reputation of a trusted advisor, fortunately, a valuable portion of your marketing will take care of itself. Word of mouth is still the most powerful form of marketing. If you’ve performed a useful service for your clients, then they will gladly return your work with hard-won praise and recommendations. While you’ve gotten to know your clients, certain trends and overlapping questions are bound to arise. Use that data to answer those questions in the form of creative content. This content allows you to prove your value to curious prospects by demonstrating your knowledge of their needs before they even meet you. Answering questions and sharing stories about aiding clients are all ways to show prospects you understand their needs.

You should then distribute this content through multi-channel marketing. Social media, emails, and third-party sites that allow original content are all things venues use when trying to broaden your reach, as no single tactic is superior to diversification.

It’s Not Easy to Earn the Reputation of a Trusted Advisor.

Genuine trust between client and agent is a must. Rapport takes time to build. Before you even consider trying to market yourself as an advisor, you must put the customer first. You must offer the value that the title requires. From there, you can use the information you’ve learned from listening to clients to tailor your content marketing strategy. Then, through multi-channel marketing and strong word of mouth, the value you provide will reduce the time spent chasing leads. Curious and eager prospects will be driven right to your business.

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