The Secret to Selling More Homes!

This blog is for my Real Estate Agent friends and readers! How many of you are currently taking advantage of digital marketing and social media platforms? And if you are using these platforms, are you using them to identify new buyer/seller leads? Are you using these platforms to sell properties for your existing clients?

Hopefully, the answer is “YES! All the above!”

Now, when I use the term “digital marketing” I’m not just talking about the service sites like and Zillow offer. As a matter of fact, if you’re relying on those sites to support your digital marketing efforts then you’re blowing your marketing budget on a pipe dream.

Sure, you may get a worth while lead here and there that may actually have some substance to it.

But, here’s the the realty of it…

Digital marketing platforms like and Zillow get X number of leads per zip code. Realtors, just like you, also buy the same zip codes you do and get the EXACT SAME leads you do at the EXACT SAME time.

What gives, right?!

Now, it becomes a race to reach out to the leads. Lots of times, by the time you connect with the potential customer of your’s, they’re usually pretty angry and not very pleasant to speak with. Why? This is because 15-20 realtors have already started hounding them for their business.

Sound like a familiar scenario?

Listen…it doesn’t need to be this way. There are much more effective digital marketing options out there for real estate professionals. I’m talking about digital marketing strategies and platforms that will increase your lead flow, increase your closing ratio and EVEN shorten the sales cycles for your existing inventory!

There’s an old saying I always like to reference…”If you continuing doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same results you’ve always gotten.”

This holds true for the real estate industry.

Why would you want to continue following the SAME EXACT methodologies and sales cycles that the other real estate professionals in your industry our following anyways?

Isn’t the goal to stand out, reach more clients and expand your real estate empire? Hopefully, the answer is yes or you probably shouldn’t be in an industry such as this that pays commission only.

It’s time to rethink how you invest your time and your hard earned money into your marketing budget.

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